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Freedom's Belle

Dark Fawn, Female
DOB: 2012

Sire: Snowmass Matrix Freedom

Dam: Aviator's Nike

Belle was our first Freedom cria, and we feel extremely fortunate to have her.  Belle's fine fleece is bright and crimpy, and her disposition is very pleasant.

Price: $4,000

Freedom's Spring

Light Fawn, Female
DOB: 2012

Sire: Snowmass Matrix Freedom

Dam: Marcella

Spring is a beautiful female cria.  She is developing in a similar manner to other Freedom crias, strong and active from the first day, growing into a structurally sound body type, exhibiting wonderful fleece characteristics.

Price: $5,000

TLA Lone Ranger

White, Male
DOB: 2012
Sire: Prince Regent's Treasure of Airlie
Dam: Zoie

Ranger is a strikingly handsome young male.  When he was born we watched in awe, wondering just what we were seeing.  Ranger's dark brown mask, and bright white fleece form patterns which reminded us of a favorite childhood TV show, The Lone Ranger.  The name stuck.  Ranger has an upright, strong frame and his fleece is soft and has bold character, which is consistent throughout his blanket. 

The mask pattern on Ranger's face is an attention grabber, to say the least.  Once you get get your hands in that fleece, you will find all the best characteristics you are looking for, fineness, consistency, and brightness.

Price: $7,000

Omega One's Challenger

Light Fawn, Male
DOB: 2012

Sire: Snowmass Omega One

Dam: Aviator's Aurora

This young male is developing into an exceptional fleece-maker.  His very fine fleece is enhanced by its brightness and consistency.  Of course, he is still very young, so we expect him to have fine fleece, but this is noticably finer and exhibits bold crimp structure, too.

Challenger provides another exceptional line of genetics we will use in our breeding program to take us to the next level.  We are anxiously awaiting his breeding age so we can take advantage of those great traits.

Price: $15,000

Freedom's Valor

Dark Fawn, Male
DOB: 2012

Sire: Snowmass Matrix Freedom

Dam: Soleado's Nightingale

Valor is the youngest cria in the paddock, but the most precocious, and the most "people-friendly."  While the older crias are happy to wile away the hours, taking it easy, Valor is more apt to start wrestling with the largest male he can find.

Price: $7,000

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