Herdsires and Junior Herdsire Males

We are pleased to offer a selection of Top Quality Herdsires,
and Unproven Junior Herdsires:

Snowmass Matrix Freedom

Light Fawn, Male

DOB: 12/7/2007

Sire: Snowmasss Matrix

     S: Snowmass Quechua
    D: Snowmass Legacy's Lass
Dam: Snowmass Lady Liberty
     S: Snowmass Royal Reserve
    D: Snowmass EVOQ

We were very fortunate to acquire Snowmass Matrix Freedom as a replacement for our Snowmass Chaccoyo, who passed away on August 1, 2010.  We never expected to be able to find such an exquisite male to pick up where Chaccoyo left off.

For a complete description, click here for Freedom's page
Breeding Fee: $1,500
Sale Price: ASK


Prince Regent's Treasure of Airlie

Dark Fawn, Male
DOB: 6/19/2006
Sire: Enchantment's Prince Regent
    S: PPPeruvian Yupanqui 6018
    D: Enchanment's Peruvian Jennifer
        S:Peruvian Fabio
Dam: Ameripaca's Theresa
    S: Acero Marka's Bobby
    D: Uber's Trixi
Click here for Airlie's page.
Airlie provides some very good genetics for our breeding program, and we are fortunate to have Prince Regent's Treasure of Airlie in our program to pass along those exceptional genes.  Airlie's breeding career started in the Fall breeding season of 2009, and today he has four offspring on the ground.
Airlie has an outstanding show record, with First Place ribbons and Color Champion, as well.  He has never placed under Second Place in any show he entered.  Airlie's fleece placed Second Place at the 2008 National Conference.  In 2011, Judge Tim Lavan said of Airlie's Second Place showing among much younger males, "This is what we want to see in our mature males." 
Even at six years of age Airlie's fleece remains under 20 microns AFD, and has not changed more than 0.6 of a micron over his lifetime.  (Update: The 2012 histogram shows Airlie's seventh year fleece to be 20.8 microns , crossing the 20 micron barrier for the first time.)  For fineness and consistency of crimp in his fleece, a typey head and upright body style, Airlie is a good choice to improve those characteristics in many females.  Call us to schedule a breeding for your females.
Breeding Fee: $1,000
Sale Price: $7,000

Incan Maxxx

Dark Brown, Male
DOB: 9/14/2010
Sire: Snowmass Incan XXXtreme
     Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme
          Sire: Snowmass Royal Rose
               Sire: Peruvian Hemingway
               Dam: Snowmass Rose Pearl
                    Sire: Peruvian Bueno
                    Dam: Snowmass Silver Pearl
          Dam: 5Peruvian Harley
     Dam: Snowmass Incan Royalty
          Sire: Snowmass Nova
               Sire: Peruvian Cassanova
                    Sire:Peruvian Bueno
                    Dam: Peruvian Angelique
               Dam: Snowamss Drambuies Kaluha
                    Sire: Peruvian Drambuie
                    Dam: Cordelia Codi
          Dam: Snowmass Incan Eclipse
               Sire:Peruvian Black Legend
                    Sire: Peruvian Bueno
                    Dam: Kesling's Roxanne
               Dam:6Peruvian Incan Eclipse
Dam: Soleado's Andean Nightingale
     Sire: Andean Night
     Dam: MS Primadonna
          Sire:  6Peruvian Accoyo Godfather
          Dam:  MS Prima
               Sire:  4Peruvian Accoyo's Macusani
               Dam:  Princess Codi
                    Sire:  Boss Man
                    Dam:  Miss Iquique
Nightingale's sire, Andean Night, has been an interest of ours for quite some time.  We wanted to breed a different female with him, hoping for an upscale version of them both.  However, the female was young, and could not hold her first pregnancy.  So, we opted for one of Andean Night's crais, Soleado's Andean Nightingale.  Fortunately, we had an opportunity to choose Incan XXXtreme for her first breeding.  Nightingale gave us a male cria, which we named Incan Maxxx. 

Maxxx's head is blocky, typey, fully covered with fleece, and quite handsome.  His body type is robust, and he will not submit in any altercation he encounters in the paddock.  This guy is powerpacked from the ground, up, and his genetics package is strong with elite Snowmass genetics on top and bottom.  Maxxx is a benefit for our future breeding program, and can be for yours, too.

Price: $7,000

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